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Golden Retriever Puppy’s First Swim Will Capture Your Heart



Quick Smiles:

  • Junie B, a golden retriever puppy has become an internet sensation due to her first swimming experience.
  • The video, posted by owner Ashley Liacko on TikTok, has amassed nearly 6 million views and has received 1 million likes.
  • Audience reactions include declarations of undying love for Junie B and expressions of wishing to be a dog basking post-swim in the sun.

I think Junie had the best day of her life yesterday. Safe to say she’s a water dog! #summer #puppy #goldenretriever #puppytiktok #goldenretrieverpuppy #puppylove #fy

♬ Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley & The Wailers

The realm of dogs presents a variety of responses towards water; some need coaxing, while others leap right in. This was the case for Junie B, a golden retriever puppy who’s gained online fame for her adorable love of swimming.

Junie B’s human family, Ashley Liacko, 28, and her betrothed, Gino Zanrosso, 34, live in Los Angeles. They recently uploaded a charming video on TikTok illustrating Junie’s aquatic adventure during her “first pool day.”

As residents of Southern California, where temperatures can soar, Ashley and Gino realised the importance of acclimating Junie to water at a young age. Ashley stated, “Once we introduced her to the pool, she didn’t hesitate and jumped right in. She loved it.”

This captivating video, boasting nearly 6 million views and 1 million likes, shows the young pup diving into the pool and swimming toward her owner as naturally as a fish in water.


Her swimming escapades include jumping, receiving affectionate hugs in the water, and finally, being bundled in a towel and napping under the sunshine.

The delightful footage of Junie B’s first pool day has garnered thousands of comments. Viewers have confessed their love for Junie and have praised her as being the “cutest dog ever.”

While several dog breeds, including the American water spaniel, curly-coated retriever, and the Labrador retriever, are known as swimming enthusiasts by the American Kennel Club, golden retrievers aren’t usually included in that list. However, Ashley mentioned that her sister’s retriever also loves to swim, and they had hoped that Junie would also favor the water.

Describing her saltwater pool, which contains less chlorine, Ashley referred to Junie B as the “most lovable dog.” She added, “She’s amazingly friendly with people and is a special addition to our family. I love sharing her delightful personality with the world.”

After mulling over the idea of getting a retriever for quite some time, Ashley and Gino adopted Junie B earlier this year, changing their initial plan of getting a puppy after their wedding due to a challenging year.

When Gino joked about looking forward to seeing a puppy upon his return from a golf trip, Ashley seized the opportunity. To Gino’s joy, he was greeted by Junie B when he returned home.


Navigating the excitement of puppyhood, Ashley mentioned that Junie B has a tendency of eating “everything she can get her paws on.” However, Ashley expressed, “we wouldn’t trade her for the world.”

Ashley added, “After a tough year, she brought so much love and joy into our lives. I hope the video brings as much happiness to people’s lives as we experience with her every day.”




  1. Bruno

    July 10, 2024 at 12:11 am

    Ah, excuse me but that was NOT their first swim. I breed labs and take all of the pups for their first swim. On the first swim, the back legs do not work so they are up strait in the water slapping the water with their from paws.

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