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Grandma And The Stranger She Mistakenly Texted In 2016 Will Spend 8th Thanksgiving Together



Quick Smiles:

  • Wanda and Jamal’s friendship began with a mistaken text in 2016.
  • They are celebrating their eighth Thanksgiving together this year.
  • The pair teamed up with Airbnb to host guests at Wanda’s home for Thanksgiving.

In a delightful turn of events, Wanda and Jamal are preparing to celebrate their eighth Thanksgiving together, continuing a tradition that started with an accidental text message back in 2016.

The story began when Wanda, attempting to invite a friend to Thanksgiving dinner, mistakenly sent the invitation to Jamal, who was a complete stranger at the time. Little did she know, Jamal had recently changed his phone number, leading to the mix-up that would alter their lives forever.

Instead of ignoring the unexpected invite, Jamal, curious about the friendly message, decided to accept the offer. Over the years, Wanda and Jamal’s bond grew, becoming stronger with each Thanksgiving they shared.

This year, the duo partnered with Airbnb to open Wanda’s home to others who want to join in the Thanksgiving tradition. “Exciting news, guys – our Thanksgiving year 8 plans are with you! With @airbnb’s help, we’re hosting you and a friend at Wanda’s home this year,” Jamal announced.

Wanda’s home is located in Prescott Valley, Arizona, a charming city a few hours outside of Phoenix. “With beautiful mountain views and light snowfall during the winter, it’s the perfect location for hosting guests and spending quality time together around the holidays,” the Airbnb description states.


Jamal has been documenting their holiday tradition on social media every year since their first meeting, and many people eagerly await their Thanksgiving updates.

Their tale is a beautiful reminder that love and connection can arise from the most unlikely situations. “It has been an amazing journey,” Wanda shared with Fox 10. “She is an amazing person. She is the best,” Jamal added.