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Grateful Rescued Kitty Acts Like A Surrogate Mother For All Other Tiny Foster Kitties [Video]



  • Starlight was found lying in a box left in a pathway exposed to the heat of the sun when she was just some days old.
  • The kitten was brought to the shelter and Amber took care of her until she eventually grew up bigger and stronger day by day.
  • Soon enough, she took it upon herself to take care of other kitties that come into their home in order to heal.

Whenever animals get rescued, they always look for ways to show their sweet appreciation and give back. 

Animal rescuer, Amber Nadinic, of Melbourne, Australia, has witnessed this from many animals she has rescued over the years. But among the hundreds of kittens she has nursed back to health, tiny feline Starlight stood out the most and won her heart big time.

When Amber first met Starlight, the kitten was only a few days old. She was found alone in a box left on a pathway and the heat of the sun has done damage to her skin before a stranger saw her and kindly brought her to the shelter.

“As soon as I saw how small she was and how red she was, I was just like, ‘Oh, here we go,’ you know?” Amber said. “We’re gonna try, but if she did pass, I wouldn’t have been surprised.”

Starlight battled for her life and proved she is a tough fighter contrary to how fragile she looked! Amber spent nights waking up only to feed Starlight using an eyedropper and treating her sunburn with aloe vera at the same time.

The kitty also contracted the parvovirus, but despite all her health issues, she was gradually getting better and better with Amber’s care! She grew up bigger and stronger day by day and soon enough, Amber noticed how caring she was with other foster pets that Amber has brought home.

“She’s fantastic with the little baby kittens that we foster,” Amber said. “She just straightaway gravitated straight towards them. She was in their little box with them, was cuddling up to them, grooming them, and it did make me think, ‘Well hang on, do you remember when it was like that when you were a lot in this situation?’”

Amber eventually realized that Starlight was doing this to give back to others because she knew herself that she had been through a difficult situation at one point.


Now, Starlight acts like a surrogate mother to all other tiny foster kitties! She is such a wonderful and grateful feline best friend one could ever ask for!

Source: Inspire More