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Hero Cop Rescues Teen and Pets from Raging House Fire



Quick Smiles:

  • New Jersey Police Officer Riley Flynn jumps into action, rescuing a teenager and pets from a house fire.
  • Body camera footage showcases Flynn’s bravery as he coolly navigates through smoke-filled rooms to save those at risk.
  • After this daring rescue, Atlantic City Police heap praise on the heroism of Officer Flynn, who selflessly risked his life for others.

In a wonderful display of courage and determination, on the early hours of May 26, Officer Riley Flynn of Atlantic City, New Jersey, found himself transforming from an officer on a usual patrol to a bona fide hero.

While conducting his patrol around 1:00 a.m. on Maryland Avenue, Flynn spotted flames engulfing a local residence.

With a body camera securely attached, the officer braved the danger. The footage clearly shows Flynn approaching the burning home, with anxious residents clustered outside. Without a second thought, he kicked open the door and entered the smoke-filled premises.

Inside the turmoil, he found a 17-year-old girl anxiously at an upstairs window. With cool professionalism, he guided her safely out of the fiery turmoil.

Adamant that the house was not yet clear, he turned to the bystanders, asking, “Anyone else? Anyone else in there?” Confirmed that there were more lives at risk, Officer Flynn valiantly went back into the burning structure to rescue the family’s three dogs and a cat.

The compelling video footage also captures him finding the family cat in what seemed to be a bedroom. The officer gently picked up the pet and exited the building. Despite a bout of coughing upon leaving, the officer remained undeterred.


The Atlantic City Police Department issued a statement noting, “Officer Flynn and the rescued teenager were attended to on site by medical personnel.”

Following this daring act, Police Chief James Sarkos had nothing but praise for Officer Flynn. “I was awestruck at the bravery he displayed. He did not hesitate. He went in there and put his own life at risk,” he commended.

The teenager’s mother, Miriam Zuniga, relayed that the fire broke out after she and her husband had left the house for an occasion. She was informed about the terrifying episode by her daughter who was at home.

Currently, it is believed that the fire originated in the home’s kitchen, although the exact cause is still being probed.

This event brings to mind a similarly courageous act that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, earlier this year. Three police officers were honored for their swift actions in rescuing a woman from a inferno at an apartment complex.

Officers Marcolini, Manzanedo, and Silva were recently acknowledged by their fire department for their speedy actions in rescuing a woman from a fire. They received a heroism award!



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