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“Hero” Teacher Brings Students Foods During Pandemic



  • When the pandemic closed down schools, Zane Powles feared that his students would go hungry.
  • So he made it a mission to prepare meals for them every morning and walk miles away to deliver them lunches.
  • After delivering 7,500 packed meals to his students, he was a bit emotional when he made his last delivery.

It must have been an exhilarating experience for the “hero” teacher in England to deliver the last meal after he’s made the delivery of 7,500 packed lunches to his students.

Every morning, Zane Powles, a teacher at Western primary school in the coastal area of Grimsby, makes 85 lunches and delivers them to his students so they don’t go hungry after schools were temporarily closed amidst the pandemic.

The 48-year-old teacher walks 7.5 miles daily and makes rounds in North East Lincolnshire carrying a lot of food for the kids.

Photo Credit: SWNS

After 17 weeks, that would total to over 600 miles walk and an estimate of roughly four tons of food he has delivered which for him, is “well worth it” because the kids’ smiles make him happy.

But then the school where he prepares the lunches had to close and on a Friday afternoon, he made his last delivery of packed meals which made him emotional.

“When I started these walks I was concerned about the kids and their wellbeing and I wanted to make sure I could see them all,” Zane said. “I needed to know if they were safe, if they were healthy, and if they had access to food.”

Photo Credit: SWNS

“After all these months it was a bit emotional for it to come to an end—I love seeing my students and checking up on them. It’s so important to me.”

While he loves doing his job, caring for children, teaching them, and nurturing them, he can’t quite believe at the length of how far he can go for all of them.

He would also leave some assignments to kids about the topics they were “less keen on.”

Photo Credit: SWNS

Despite all that he has already done, he is still not stopping anytime soon. He plans on cycling across all of the city castles in the UK to raise money for the Meals and More — an organization that helps poor children.

“In the summer the children’s struggles are invisible to us because we don’t see them, but it’s essential that we ensure they’re safe.”

With his exemplary deeds, Zane has won the Inspirational Primary School Teacher award last year after a parent nominated him. 


Source: Good News Network