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Human Thinks His Cat Is Just Adventurous, But Actually, The Cat Leads A Double Life



  • His owner thinks that his cat goes out in the afternoon, taking a stroll through their neighborhood but the truth is, the cat lives another life, in another house.
  • He noticed a note on his cat after one of his adventures that reads, “We are the other family of ‘Angelo’.”
  • The cat lives a double life.

Meet Nilo, the sweet cat who had a secret even his human did not know about until recently.

Héctor Morales took in Nilo. He found the kitten born to a local stray and brought the little thing home with him. From that point on, he made sure to take care of him. When the cat got older, he discovered that his cat had inherited this insatiable desire for adventures outdoors.

Nilo takes these afternoon adventures, walking around in the neighborhood by himself. Héctor was happy to give his cat that freedom. Before long, these hours spent outside turned into days. The first time that this happened, Héctor started thinking that his cat lost his way home. It was always a relief when his cat makes his way home safely.

“He always returns home, like he’d never left,” Héctor said. “Very calm, and fatter, too.” In his mind, he was sure that something was going on with his cat. Héctor soon found out what.

The other day, the cat walked in on him after one of his days-long outings. Much to his surprise, there was a note hanging from his collar.

“We are the other family of ‘Angelo,’” the note reads. “When he’s not in your house, he’s at ours.”

The cat was leading a double life. These afternoon strolls into the neighborhood are a sham. Nilo even had an alias in this other house he lives in, Angelo.

Héctor was shocked to say the least after he found that his cat had been two-timing him all this time. The feeling soon passed, keeping in his mind that this just doubles the affection his cat receives.  

“When I thought about it, I was grateful that another family cared for him and had even given a name,” he said.

The cat was ready to head out again after spending days in his house. He decided to write back to the other family, hanging another note around the neck of his cat.

“Can you give me your number?” Héctor asked. This situation could benefit them both, thinking that the contact information could come in handy when either of them is going out of town. “PS: Nilo ate tuna before he left.”

The double life continues, but his secret second dinners may soon be a thing of the past. The best thing about this though is that the cat would still enjoy double helpings of affection. There is no need to sneak around anymore too since his secret is out in the open.

“Cats decide who they love,” Héctor said. “If we love them back, we can’t deny them that.”

Source: The Dodo