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Labrador’s Hilarious Desperation For Breakfast Sandwich



Quick Smiles:

  • A hilarious video of a Labrador pining for a breakfast sandwich has taken the internet by storm, racking up 4 million views on TikTok.
  • Research from Cambridge University suggests that some Labradors may have a genetic predisposition to weight gain, possibly explaining the dog’s intense focus on the food.
  • TikTok users found the dog’s desperate attempts to taste the sandwich through the crate bars both funny and relatable.

Pining for that breakfast sandwich #labrador #hungry #funnydog

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A delightful video of a Labrador Retriever’s desperate longing for a bite of a breakfast sandwich has captured the hearts of millions on TikTok. The video, posted by @gonzales_fallon, has amassed a whopping 4 million views since it was first shared. The caption accompanying the post humorously reads, “Pining for that breakfast sandwich #labrador #hungry #funnydog.”

In the video, a person can be seen enjoying a sandwich on a couch next to a dog crate. Inside the crate, a pup gazes longingly at the food, its mouth open and tongue out. Another dog, standing in front of the person, is also shown eyeing the sandwich.

The background music for the clip includes a voice saying, “Today I wanted to eat croissant, so I went to a place that sells croissants…” The dog in the crate continues to fixate on the sandwich, even appearing to grimace at one point, its teeth pushed up against the crate.

The dog’s intense focus on the food might not just be a case of a hungry pup. According to a study conducted by Cambridge University in May 2016, it could be down to genetics. The study, published in Cell Metabolism, found that some Labradors have a mutation in their DNA that could predispose them to weight gain.


“There is some hard-wired biology behind that persistent food-seeking behavior,” The Guardian quoted Eleanor Raffan, a co-author of the study, as saying at the time of the study’s release. The research found that among the dog breeds for which data was reported, Labrador retrievers had “the greatest documented obesity prevalence and have been shown to be more food motivated than other breeds.”

The study further explained that a deletion in the pro-opiomelanocortin gene was associated with increased body weight, body fat, and food motivation in Labrador retrievers as well as the closely related flat-coat retrievers.