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Little Dog Named Smile Has A Permanent Grin On Her Face After Being Rescued



  • A tiny pup and 23 other dogs were rescued from a hoarding situation in Tijuana, Mexico.
  • A photo of a smiling dog with so much hope in her eyes captured the attention of No Dog Left Behind (NDLB) and earned her the name Smile.
  • The NDLB brought Smile to the U.S. with the help of different agencies, treated her skin disease, fostered her, and is now waiting for adoption.

When a tiny pup was rescued in a hoarding house in Tijuana, Mexico by the At-Choo Foundation and brought to a shelter, she smiled from ear to ear. 

Photo Credit: No Dog Left Behind (NDLB) 

No Dog Left Behind (NDLB)’s operations manager, Stephanie Easley said, “She made the intake team fall madly in love.” They fell for the hope they saw in her eyes and knew she belonged to their rescue.

The tiny mutt and 23 other dogs suffered from a painful skin disease which fortunately was not severe in her case. And when she was transferred from NDLB California to Minnesota with the help of Mutt Mutt Engine, she had to be quarantined first.  She was also timid and scared. But with the love and care that she was showered with, she transformed into a friendly dog.

Photo Credit: No Dog Left Behind (NDLB) 

Stephanie said, “I went up to her kennel and she sat up and smiled at me. It was at that very moment that she captured my heart.”

Her facial expression and the happiness that radiated from her earned her the name Smile.  Stephanie knew she just had to foster her until she could find her forever home.

Photo Credit: No Dog Left Behind (NDLB) 

Now, Smile’s days are spent with her mom Stephanie and she makes sure that every waking moment, she’ll be there to give her mom her radiant smile.

Looking at Smile, you would never know that she never knew love before.  That she was neglected and was in a bad hoarding situation.  She remained trusting and grateful and never gave up hope that someday she would live a different life away from the pain.

Photo Credit: No Dog Left Behind (NDLB) 

For now, adoption applications are pending for Smile. The NDLB staff are making sure that once Smile has completely healed, she’ll go to someone who would give her all the love she deserves and longs for.

Stephanie hopes that the one who adopts her would be as crazy in love with Smile the way they are with her. Here’s a sample from @stephsayitall’s post captioned: We were gone for a couple of hours and we came back to Smile laying in our bed! Pssssttttt she’s out of quarantine early!!!

@stephsayitall We were gone for a couple of hours and we came back to Smile laying in our bed! Pssssttttt she’s out of quarantine early!!!!! #rescuedog #rescue #dog #dogsoftiktok #medical #quarantine #free #foster #fostermom #smile #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #smileygirl #love #loveyou #iminlove ♬ Acoustic Folk Instrumental – Yunusta

We wish you the best, Smile!

No Dog Left Behind is accepting donations to help dogs like Smile get the care they need.

Source: The Dodo