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Hilarious Photos of Dogs’ Weird Sitting



  • Dogs have their fair share of unusual habits, but these only make them all the more lovable.
  • While some chase their own tails, others prefer to sit in a weird position.
  • Take a look at these hilarious photos of dogs sitting weirdly.

Dogs have quite a share of quirks, from chasing their own tails to letting their tongue wag in the air as they hang their heads out of car windows.

Some quirks may be downright silly and confusing, but that doesn’t make us love them any less.

Just take a look at these dogs who prefer to sit in an unusual position. Some like to sit like a human and others even cross their legs.

Dog parents share hilarious photos of their dogs sitting weirdly:

1. This dog may have been called a “weirdo” for the way he sits, but who can resist that adorable face?

Photo Credit: Twitter

2. Don’t mind him, he’s just making himself comfortable.

Photo Credit: Twitter

3. He’s just more comfortable half-sitting on the stairs than anywhere else.

Stair Sitting Pup
Photo Credit: Instagram

4. He says it’s the more comfortable version of crossing your legs.

Photo Credit: Twitter

5. Take notes, ladies, this is how you sit properly.

Photo Credit: Wanna-Joke

6. Give him a break, he just looks so done with life.

Photo Credit: Viral Scape

7. This pup knows just how comfortable sitting cross-legged is.

Photo Credit: Twitter

8. We wouldn’t mind sitting beside this fluffy teddy.

Photo Credit: Me.Me

9. *gasp* Did I hear you say that right??

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

10. Here’s another demonstration of the proper way of sitting for ladies.

Photo Credit: Twisted Sifter

11. “I still fits, so I sits.”

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

12. “Just let me enjoy this car ride in peace.”

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

Just when you thought dogs can’t get any more hilarious (and lovable) they give you a display of quirks like this.

Do you know any dogs who do this?

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