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Love Transforms Dog From Hairless to Fab



  • Gardenia was once a shy, stray hairless dog who suffered from a non-contagious mange skin disease.
  • After she was rescued and taken to a vet, she began to grow hair and changed into a goofball!
  • Gardenia has now found her forever home; not only is she more beautiful now, but her personality has started to shine through.

Gardenia was a hairless stray dog wandering the streets of Houston, Texas.  She was covered in mange so people avoided her and were afraid of her.


This made her shy and avoided people, too. 

So when a stranger slipped a leash on her and fed her, she did not know that it would be the start of her new life. Her rescuer would soon post a video of her on Facebook that would lead her to Caitie Evers.

As Caitie told The Dodo, “I have become known as the sucker for mange cases. People will send me or tag me in any post about a dog who’s a stray with mange.” 

This made Gardenia’s appearance even more appealing to Caitie. She knew that behind that frightening exterior is just a sweet dog in need of love. She picked Gardenia off the streets and took her to the vet.


What Gardenia had was a demodectic mange. It was non-contagious and is easily treatable with medication.

Caitie said, “She had tons of mange all over her, as well as secondary infections from the mange because it had clearly been like that for a while. It was really bad, her whole back was raw.”

This made Gardenia uncomfortable and itchy, which made her very timid. 


Caitie shared, “She would just kind of be there and hang out — she wouldn’t play, she wouldn’t snuggle. The poor girl just looked miserable. She looked like she hated life, and had given up.”

Caitie treated Gardenia with medicated baths and antibiotics. It wasn’t long before her hair grew back — and her goofball personality along with it.

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As if we didn’t already know Gardenia was the sweetest pup out there, she met my niece tonight. My heart is full. ❤️

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“She loves to pounce, play, and she fell in love with my German shepherd,” said Caitie.


It’s like Gardenia transformed into a different dog! Caitie said, “Now she’s so fluffy and beautiful.”

What’s even more beautiful is that she has found her forever home with Caitie’s friend, Bri Tripaldi, and her fiancé, who knows Gardenia’s story.


Bri told The Dodo, “I watched as she came out of her shell and became the sweetest pup. We got to go meet her and we instantly fell in love. ‘She’s the one.’”


It’s amazing what love can do!

Thank you Caitie, for giving dogs like Gardenia the love that they deserve!

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Source: The Dodo