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Meet The Real-Life “Unicorn” Who Is Not A Horse But A Pup, And A Very Cute One!



  • Rae endured an injury during birth when her mom accidentally bit her ear.
  • She was left by her owners at the vet hospital and there she met Brianna who became her new mom.
  • Rae came to Brianna’s life in the most trying time and she had served as a positive reminder that there is still hope—now they are having the time of their lives.

You may think that unicorns are just magical creatures from imagination, wait until you meet the golden “unicorn” in real life.

Only that she is a dog and not a horse and her name is Rae, a 12-week-old golden retriever pup. Rae’s unique look was actually due to an injury she suffered when she was born.

Photo Credit: goldenunicornrae (Instagram)

What happened was, during birth, when her mom was trying to open her water bag, she accidentally bit one of her ears and she had to be rushed to the vet for immediate treatment. Fortunately, Rae is strong and tough and survived all that mishaps.

However, her human parents gave her up and left her in the vet hospital. That’s when receptionist Brianna Voorhees met Rae. Just one look at her sweet face, Brianna knew immediately they were meant to be together.

Photo Credit: goldenunicornrae (Instagram)

She became Rae’s mom and did her best to nurse Rae to health. As Rae was recovering, Brianna noticed her one ear was shifting.

“At around six weeks, once everything was healed, she started getting larger,” Brianna said. “It was then that her remaining ear started to migrate upwards, and she almost looked like she was going to have a face-lift.”

Until the remaining ear found its perfect spot on top of her forehead!

“Everyone wonders how that one ear works since it’s so far away from where the canal was,” Brianna said. “We don’t know how to answer these questions, we just know that it works.”

Photo Credit: goldenunicornrae (Instagram)

Everything works perfectly fine and there is absolutely no medical reason to alter anything with her “unicorn horn.” On the other hand, it gained her quite a fame.

The followers of the pup’s Instagram account are amazed at how cute the furball is and her “hilarious personality.”

“She owns any room that she walks into and has never been shy, and has always been the puppy to walk into a large group of dogs,” Brianna said. “It didn’t matter how little she was, she was never afraid and always thinks she is in charge.”

Photo Credit: goldenunicornrae (Instagram)

Rae came to Brianna’s in a difficult time and she had served as a positive reminder that life is good. Now, both of them are having the time of their lives.

Source: Inspire More