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Miami Heat’s Bam Adebayo Surprises Mom With New Home



  • Miami Heat player Bam Adebayo had a simple childhood — he grew up in a trailer with his mom, Marilyn.
  • The single mom worked hard for her son, who grew up determined to do everything he can to give her mom a house she can call her own.
  • After signing a multi-million dollar contract, the NBA star finally achieved his lifelong goal — he surprised his mom with her own single-family home!

Before being a key player for the Miami Heat, NBA star Bam Adebayo spent his childhood in a single-wide trailer in North Carolina with his mom, Marilyn Blount.

They may not have had much, but their relationship was surely filled with love.

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As a single mom, Marilyn walked to and from her job in town and made sure there’s always food for her son.

The NBA star told ESPN that seeing her mom working so hard seemed normal when he was younger, but began to see her struggle differently as he grew up.

“As I got older, I started thinking, ‘My mom doesn’t deserve this,’” he said. “My whole devotion became to get my mom out of that trailer.”

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As his basketball career grew from college basketball to the NBA, he always kept a reminder of his roots and his goal by placing a photo of their trailer in his locker.

Finally, he reached his lifelong goal a few weeks ago. After signing a five-year max extension to his contract that could earn him up to $200 million, he decided to give his mom the best birthday ever.

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Marilyn got her first-ever single family home on her 56th birthday!

And there in the hallway, hung a photo of the trailer that pushed him towards his goal.


Adebayo shared, “I wanted it by the front of the door because I wanted everybody to see where we actually came from.”

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The humble star shared, “My mom never had nothing that she could call her own. … And just having the opportunity to do it for my mom is an incredible experience.”

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His gift moved his mom to tears! His hard work was all worth it.

“Just seeing that woman go through all she went through and finally getting a break and being able to say ‘This is mine,’ and ‘I own this,’ that was a big thing for me. My mom’s never owned anything, so I always wanted her to own something that she could say, ‘This is mine’ and feel good about it,” he said.

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Bam Adebayo has surely gone a long way, but he never once forgot where he came from. He worked hard to get to where he is today and made sure his mom would reap the rewards.

Congratulations, Bam and Marilyn! This is truly one amazing bond between mother and son.

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