Million Gardens Movement Gives Community Self-Sufficient Gardening Kits

Million Gardens Movement

  • Food insecurity has long been a problem not just in America.
  • The Million Gardens Movement allows gardeners to help provide garden kits to under-resourced communities.
  • Just a $10 donation could provide a gardening kit that also contains educational materials.

Elon Musk’s brother, Kimbal Musk, has launched the Million Gardens Movement (MGM) to help combat food insecurity and malnutrition through gardening.

Musk, the Executive Director of the non-profit Big Green, launched the charitable and educational initiative together with Frank Giustra, the owner and publisher of Modern Farmer magazine.

For just a $10 donation, the community garden initiative puts Little Green Garden units in households and classrooms. Each unit features ready-to-use fruit and vegetable garden beds, along with “a customized growing plan and online lessons and activities,” said Musk.

So far, more than 5,000 units have been distributed.


The MGM platform allows a gardener to join the growing gardening community where they can connect with other gardeners, learn more, and contribute. By donating $10, a garden kit can be given to a family who can’t afford it or lives in a food desert.

Several gardening activists and celebrities joined in on the movement, including Jonathan Scott, Salma Hayek, Harrison Ford, Zooey Deschanel, and Nicole Scherzinger.


Giustra expressed his gratitude for how dedicated they were to help grow the community: “We’ve been so humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response and the passion surrounding our mission.”


Musk shared the growth of his initiative, Big Green, ten years since its launch. With the aim to “increase access to fresh food and improve food literacy,” it has become a national non-profit that has built “almost 640 outdoor Learning Garden classrooms” in several major cities.

“Frank Giustra reached out with the idea of… Big Green and Modern Farmer [starting] the Million Gardens Movement to make it simple for anyone to give a family a garden,” Musk continued.

After thousands of gardeners joined in, around 7,300 gardens have been started. At least 632 have been sent to schools to teach kids about gardening.

Kimbal and Elon Musk’s mother, Maye Musk, also joined in.


“The most successful aspect of the Million Gardens Movement has been the continual growth of an online gardening community,” Giustra shared. “Seeing people donate is wonderful because they are helping others garden, and those who donate might also take up gardening.”

MGM has delivered kits to several states such as Denver, Detroit, Memphis, and Indianapolis and is planning to “quickly expand” to other cities — and even other countries — to cultivate a worldwide gardening community.

“Planting a seed is an act of hope for a brighter tomorrow. We hope millions will join us to grow their own garden and give a garden to a family,” said Musk.


Source: Good News Network

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