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Mischievous cat keeps trapping dog brother in closet [Video]



  • Milo the cat has been tricking his golden retriever brother, Beckham, to get inside his crate before trapping him inside.
  • When his parents took the crate away, he decided he could “trap” his brother in the closet this time.
  • He lures Beckham in, then goes out and pushes the door until it’s only slightly open, but Beckham thinks he’s completely trapped!

Meet gray tabby Milo and his golden retriever brother, Beckham. The mischievous cat has been recently known for tricking his brother to get inside his crate before trapping him inside.

Photo Credit: TikTok/mrmilothechonk

Milo perhaps loves the extra attention from his parents while his brother is trapped. It’s a harmless prank, too, since their parents quickly notice it and free Beckham right away.

Their parents also took the crate away eventually.

But that didn’t stop Milo from devising a similar trick. This time, the mischievous cat lures Beckham into the closet and “traps” him there.

Photo Credit: TikTok/mrmilothechonk

Their mom, Erika, suspected this new trick started last week. Beckham, who was usually in the room with them during that time, was nowhere to be found.

Seeing the guilty look on Milo’s face, she starts the search for Beckham. Spotting the closet door slightly ajar, she opens it to see an eagerly waiting Beckham inside.

Milo felt guilty afterward, though, and put himself in a self-timeout inside the closet.

While the circumstances showed that Milo was the mastermind, Erika wanted definite proof.

So, she hid a camera that shows a view of her closet door.


The next video showed the proof she was looking for.


I’m going to have to keep all the doors closed in my house at this point 😂 #foryou #foryoupage #lol #comedy #viral #cats #catsoftiktok #dog #dogsoftiktok ♬ Gangsta’s Paradise (feat. L.V.) – Coolio

In the clip, we can see Milo entering the closet to lure Beckham into following him inside. Milo then gets out shortly after and pushes the door from outside until it’s only slightly open.

Poor Beckham, who only wanted to spend time with his brother, thinks he’s completely trapped! Thankfully, his mom quickly frees him.

For anyone worried, Erika said that Beckham is never “trapped” for long. Whenever the humans go out, they make sure to close all the doors so Milo can’t do any tricks. She also tries her best to prevent Milo’s tricks before they happen.

Milo and Beckham are buddies after all, when Milo is not up to his Loki shenanigans.

Well, there you have it. Perhaps Beckham will eventually learn to avoid Milo’s tricks.


Source: Daily Paws