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Mother Dog Who Lost Her Puppies Nursed Kittens Who Lost Their Mom



  • Stacee Jones had already fostered a lot of cats and dogs and the case of Keeper and the kittens was a special one.
  • Keeper is a mother dog who lost her puppies and the three kittens just lost their mom.
  • Stacee introduced them to each other and right away they became a family which is such a beautiful sight to behold.

There had been more than 100 cats and dogs that Stacee Jones had fostered — and she thought she had seen them all. However, last month, the Jelly’s Place — the group she works with in San Pablo, California, had her meet the survivors of two different cases. 

One was a mother dog who just lost her puppies and was abandoned behind a trash bin. The rat terrier mix dog was sweet but clearly lonely. 

The other ones she was asked to foster as well were three newborn kittens who had lost their mother and needed to be bottle fed.

“Then they said, ‘We have an idea,’” Stacee told The Dodo. 

Photo Credit: Stacee Jones

The plan was to try and let the mama dog nurse the baby kittens who need one and Stacee thought it was a good idea although she has to do it with caution.

“I was very careful,” she said. “I sat down next to the mama dog and sat down with one kitten. I slowly showed her the kitten to see how she’d react. I was afraid maybe she’d growl or would not take [it] very well.”  

Photo Credit: Stacee Jones

She was holding her breath anticipating the dog’s response could be sinister and she had to retreat right away. But what happened next was quite the opposite. 

“She took the first kitten right away. She licked him,” Stacee said.

Photo Credit: Stacee Jones

She then introduced the other two kittens to the mother dog after making sure everything was fine. 

“She laid right down and nuzzled them toward her,” Stacee said. “She let them nurse. It was very motherly. She knew what to do right away.”

Photo Credit: Stacee Jones

Stacee was shocked to see how compatible the mother dog and the kittens turned out to be.

“It really worked,” she said.

Photo Credit: Stacee Jones

She was in tears. 

“I was like, ‘This is so beautiful,’” she said. “I’ve never personally seen anything like this. It all came together so quickly, like it was meant to be.”

Photo Credit: Stacee Jones

The mama dog is now named Keeper and she moved with the kittens in a larger crate while she nursed them for five weeks. She loved them like they were her own in a time when they all need each other the most nursing their broken hearts.

“They’re different species, and they came together,” Stacee said. “It’s so special. Dogs and cats don’t care. They just want and give unconditional love.”

Photo Credit: Stacee Jones

Keeper has been adopted and now has her forever home, while the kittens, who were named Marshmallow, Oreo and Cookie, will be up for adoption very soon.

Source: The Dodo