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Old Toy Horse’s Journey —From Trash to Local Celebrity



  • Instead of being in the trash, an old stuffed toy horse has become a local celebrity and named Derek Trotter.
  • Derek has mysteriously gained a smaller toy horse partner named Rodney.
  • The two have been found going around the neighborhood wearing masks.

After losing his wife, a gentleman decided to clean out his house and threw out an old stuffed toy horse on the pavement.  Nobody exactly knows how the horse ended up on top of a grassy knoll where a lady’s Facebook post asked if anybody owns him and set people buzzing about it.

One even named him Derek Trotter according to a resident Kim Rout.  Derek is a character from an 80s TV sitcom Only Fools and Horses. “The next thing we knew, he got put outside someone’s door, and she took him in and named him Derek Trotter,” Rout said.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Rout set up a Facebook group called Derek Trotter the Globetrotting Pony which already has 400 followers.

So far, Derek has been seen on the neighborhood’s doorsteps and in their gardens appearing to be ‘grazing’ on grass and flowers.

Photo Credit: SWNS

But Derek has gained a companion as a smaller toy horse was left on a bus stop and was named Rodney.

They have been seen together around the village and even had excursions out of it.  They even visited a local village Brownies group led by Sharon Watts. “Derek and Rodney joined in with the meetings and even got given a Brownies uniform – although we don’t usually allow boys in!”

Photo Credit: SWNS

During this lockdown where we have to follow protocols, the duo has also been wearing masks.

Rout said, “It’s really brightened up the village. People have told me that they sit and wait for posts on the Facebook page, to see where the boys have been and what they’ve been up to.

Photo Credit: SWNS

“They’ll spend the night with somebody, and then get passed on further down the road, or to somebody in the Facebook group.”

The two celebrities seem to be enjoying their current celebrity status but Rout hopes it would extend beyond the borders of Hethersett. 

Source: Good News Network