Penguins Promote Plastic Waste Reduction at Seafood Restaurant [Video]

Penguins Promote Plastic Waste Reduction at Chicago Seafood Restaurant

  • Penguins Tilly, Olivia, and Dolores visited the Shaw’s Crab House last month to promote their home Shedd Aquarium’s Let’s Shedd Plastic campaign. 
  • The campaign aims to encourage more businesses and restaurants to cut down on plastic use.
  • A wider reach helps make sure that the world’s waters will be kept plastic-free for penguins, other animals, and humans in the years to come.

Three penguins walked into a restaurant and… did a good job of promoting plastic waste reduction!

three penguins in a restaurant

Late last month, Tilly, Olivia, and Dolores, three Magellanic penguins from the Shedd Aquarium, visited the nearby Shaw’s Crab House to promote the Let’s Shedd Plastic campaign. 

The aquarium’s campaign aims to urge businesses to cut down on plastic use to help keep the world’s water sources cleaner.

As one of the Chicago restaurants participating in the campaign, Shaw’s was very welcoming to the three penguins.

two penguins walking through a restaurant

The aquarium’s director of conservation action, Jaclyn Wegner, expressed the importance of cooperation from businesses and restaurants. A wider reach helps ensure that the world’s waters remain plastic-free “for penguins and all aquatic animals.”

The three penguins’ field trip to Shaw’s was a way of celebrating the restaurant’s participation in the program.

Take a look at the three explorers making their way around the restaurant, perhaps wondering what kind of treats they will get:

The Shedd Penguins Help us Introduce "Let's Shedd Plastic!"

The Shedd penguins are no strangers to restaurant-quality seafood—they eat it daily! Magellanic penguins Tilly, Olivia and Dolores explored new sights and familiar smells at Shaw's Crab House and Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants, who recently joined Shedd's #LetsSheddPlastic initiative! We're partnering with restaurants and empowering them to reduce single-use plastics. Plastic pollution affects all life, from human to aquatic, including Magellanic penguins. Shedd is one of just a handful of institutions participating in the Species Survival Plan for these near-threatened birds. Field trips like this bring attention to conserving our blue planet while highlighting key species. This year for @Choose Chicago's #ChicagoRestaurantWeek and beyond, support restaurants that are pledging to reduce their footprint by saying, “Let’s Shedd Plastic:”

Posted by Shedd Aquarium on Thursday, March 25, 2021

According to the aquarium staffers, the little trip also served as a way to add some variety to the penguins’ daily routine. It also became a bright spot in the day for everyone who encountered them — and made for adorable photos!

Source: Daily Paws

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