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Polite Dog Tries To Clean Up Spilled Food [Video]



  • Polite dog gets upset that he spilled his food all over the hotel room towel.
  • Eddie tries to eat all of the food but fails so he hides it instead.
  • His mom says it did not really matter as Eddie will always be a sweet dog.

Polite may well be Eddie the dog’s middle name.

According to his mom, Taylor Fox, “He is the most perfect puppy … has never chewed up anything that wasn’t his, doesn’t bite, listens to whatever you tell him. He is the best boy!” 

From puppyhood, Eddie has always been well-mannered and polite, very good listener, and always wants to please his loved ones.  He has never done anything to upset his parents. 

But one incident made him think that his parents will not be pleased.  Not long ago, when he had to travel to a specialist for his health problems, they had to stay overnight at a hotel.  Come dinner time, to keep everything tidy and neat, his mom put his food bowl on top of a towel on the floor. 

As he went to enjoy his food, he accidentally spilled his food.  Polite and sweet pup that he was, he immediately started cleaning up the mess before his mom saw it. Unfortunately, he cannot gather it all together and clean it off the floor. He tried thinking of another way— hide the spilled food!

Photo Credit: Taylor Fox

His mom, who actually saw everything, said “He used the towel that I had laid down and pushed it with his nose enough to where the kibble was ‘hidden.’ He’s a people pleaser so I’m sure he was embarrassed that he [spilled] the food.” 

Fox said, “He left most of the kibble covered by the towel but he did end up eating the pieces of food that weren’t covered.”

His mom did not get upset over the spilled food.  But Eddie, being polite Eddie, felt terrible about it.

But his mom says it did not matter.  Eddie will always be adored for he is the sweetest dog.


Source: The Dodo