Pup keeps interrupting mom’s singing [Video]

  • Pam Quinn loves singing, but her pup Casper seems to have an issue with it.
  • Every time Pam tries to sing, Casper keeps interrupting her.
  • In several of her videos, Casper would let out a howl whenever she starts singing.

When it comes to singing groups, there usually is someone who stands out, or at least wants to. For Pam Quinn and her pup Casper, the pup seems to be a bit of a diva. He just can’t stop interrupting his mom whenever she sings!

Taking a look at Pam’s TikTok page (@thepamquinn), we can see that the duo simply love to make music together, whether it be covers of Bruno Mars or classic ‘90s jams. But Casper seems like he wants to go solo, because he acts out whenever Pam sings!

Photo Credit: TikTok/thepamquinn

Pam tells him, “Wait, I have to start. I haven’t even sung anything yet.”

The pup doesn’t want any of it, however, and lets out a howl right after his mom started singing again.

We can feel Pam’s frustration from behind the screen! Her caption says it all: “Oh. My. god.”

Casper is showcasing some diva attitude, but with over 16.5 million views, this diva definitely won a lot of fans.

Several viewers tried to explain Casper’s point of view. A few commenters thought that perhaps Casper simply wants to start and sing the first parts of the song.

“HE WAITED HIS WHOLE LIFE FOR THAT MOMENT,” a viewer joked, while another agreed, “He’s like ohhh no I got the lead vocals.”

Casper just keeps cutting mom’s screen time. When Pam tried to sing “A Whole New World,” Casper just couldn’t hold it in. It seemed like he was screaming, “Hey, that’s my part!”

Pam’s caption showed her frustration once again: “But like… why?”

Perhaps Casper just wants it to be a duet!

You can see more of Casper and his mom’s attempts at uninterrupted singing on TikTok.

Source: Pet Helpful

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Pam has the CUTEST dimples and is the perfect foil for party-poop, Casper. Maybe she could sing SOLO – and then let Casper (who simply CANNOT carry a tune!) “do HIS thing!” But I’d say that duets are OUT – a real “non-starter!” IMHO, Casper is not quite ready for “the big time!”

None of your videos or pictures are showing up on my computer. I may as well discontinue getting them because I can’t see any of the “smiles”.

My ears!! Arouuu!!! No! No! Not the Fork! Agony! Agony! Arouuu!