Pup steals the show, becomes an instant TV superstar [Video]

  • Bob Barnard was on air for a local weather news in Leesburg, Virginia.
  • Suddenly a Pierogi, a cute little puppy, showed up in the middle of his broadcast.
  • Pierogi effortlessly entertained the whole crew and instantly rose to fame.

When an adorable, cute little puppy crashes a live TV show, it sure is an instant hit among viewers, leaving everyone in pure delight.

It’s been that easy for Pierogi, when she effortlessly stole the show while FOX reporter Bob Barnard was on air in Leesburg, Virginia.

Reporting for local weather news, Bob was chatting with neighbors and scraping ice off their cars when suddenly, out of nowhere, Pierogi showed up leaving everyone, especially Bob, amused. Quick witted, Bob turned to his surprise celebrity guest, and started interviewing him, much to the audience’s entertainment.

“What do ya know?” he said, picking the dog up. “Forget the people we talked to earlier! I want to get to know this dog.”

Photo Credit: Fox 5 DC

Back in the studio, FOX hosts were as charmed as Bob as they watch him bond with his unexpected guest.

“We have now expanded the business to Bob’s ice-scraping and kennel service,” said one of the hosts, Steve Chenevey.

Photo Credit: Fox 5 DC

“Life is good. I wouldn’t charge for this. This is a freebie!” Bob gamely replied.

Just as the hosts were enjoying the spontaneous banter, Pierogi’s furmom showed up, after she went looking for her when her baby dog sneaked out of their house.

Photo Credit: Fox 5 DC

The instant TV superstar dog seemed apprehensive going back home, cutting short his quick rise to fame. But for Bob, the rest of the FOX crew, and all the viewers who watched, Pierogi is and will always be a FOX superstar!

Source: Inspire More

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