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Random Dog Called “Angel of Comfort” By Woman Weeping At Cemetery [Video]



  • A random dog goes up to María José Sáez Orte as she weeps at her loved one’s grave.
  • The dog sits and stays with Orte and offers his paws for her to hold on to.
  • Orte finds out when she returns to visit the cemetery that the once stray dog has been given food and shelter by cemetery workers.

The pain of losing someone you love is incomparable.  And for a time, you cannot find any solace.  Tears are but words we cannot say flowing freely down our cheeks.  For grief-stricken María José Sáez Orte, there was no solace as she cried her eyes out at the grave of someone who was close to her.

But somehow, there will always be someone who will comfort you.  And she was not expecting this angel of comfort to be a pup.

Orte wrote, “Today, I went to say goodbye to the person I loved the most … and this puppy arrived.”

Photo Credit: @cotesaurio9 (TikTok)

Out of the depths of her grief, she noticed the pup coming to sit with her and offered his paws to hold.

When she posted the encounter and interaction online, viewers commented that the dog was her “guardian angel” who came to give her what she needed most that time.  It may have been a random dog but under the circumstances, it was so right.

Photo Credit: @cotesaurio9 (TikTok)

The chance encounter was embedded in her memory that she went back to the cemetery to see the dog again.  That is when she found out that her angel of comfort was also another soul that cemetery workers have given consolation to.  At one time, he might have been a stray who wandered into the graveyard and was taken care of by the workers.  They have given him food and shelter and comfort.

The pup now goes around giving solace to those he feels needs it.

He has shown that when grief is shared, it lessens the pain even just a little. 

Source: The Dodo