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Rescued Dog Now Lives Her Best Life With Her Famous Dad Daniel Henney! [Video]



  • “Criminal Minds” actor Daniel Henney saw a video of Juliette on Instagram and decided she should be part of his family.
  • Juliette was rescued from a cage in South Korea where dog and cat meat is still consumed.
  • Now, Juliette is living her best life with her new famous dad!

Thousands of cats, dogs, and horses still live in wretched meat farms in South Korea alone. That’s why Humane Society International made a commitment to rescue as many animals as possible from this abhorrent condition.

Among the lucky ones who got rescued was Juliette — a golden retriever who was saved from a cage in South Korea and sent to the U.S. in September in search of her forever family. Little did they know, her fate was to be with a famous actor!

Daniel Henney Adopts South Korean Rescue Dog Juliette!

“It was a no brainer, I saw her and said that’s my girl, that’s her.” –Daniel Henney Little did we know that Juliette, a sweet golden retriever we rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm, would catch the eye of someone very, very special. HSI supporter and Korean-American actor Daniel Henney, best known for his role in Criminal Minds, is now her proud, new dog dad! Juliette’s journey to her new life was far from easy but her whole world has now changed for the better! ❤Posted by Humane Society International on Friday, September 25, 2020

Daniel Henney, a famous Korean-American actor in “Criminal Minds,” and also a dog dad to his golden retriever named Roscoe, came across Juliette’s video on Instagram. 

Photo Credit: @hsiglobal (Facebook)

 “I saw her on the Instagram video, and like everybody in the comment section who saw her, our hearts just dropped,” Daniel said. “It was a no brainer, I saw her and said that’s my girl, that’s her.”

He quickly submitted an application for adoption and soon enough, they met at a local park. It was undeniably love at first sight!

Photo Credit: @hsiglobal (Facebook)

“She just took my breath away. … What she’d been through, and to still be so gentle. And so open to meeting new people and to not be defensive,” he said.

Daniel took the pup home, where she instantly became friends with Roscoe. She was a perfect fit.

Photo Credit: @danielhenney (Instagram)

The actor hopes that his adoption story will inspire others to adopt animals in need of help instead of buying from a store. At the same time, he reminded people to be understanding of different cultures instead of being judgmental.

“It’s a very difficult issue, it’s a cultural issue. I think the most important thing about this is understanding and not demonizing, and trying to work together collectively to find a solution for this, and that is a step by step thing. It’s not going to happen overnight,” he said.

For Daniel, Juliette is an angel, and he is willing to give the best life he could give her from here on.

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