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Rescuer Helps Furless Stray Transform Into the Fluffiest Girl



  • Living as a stray, Mikita had lost most of her fur that her breed was unrecognizable.
  • Her rescuer had her mange and back issue treated, until her fur gradually grew back.
  • The pretty husky’s fur continued growing since then, and she is now living happily as her fluffiest self!

Mikita has been living as a stray on a reservation in South Dakota when she was spotted by a rescuer from Lightshine Canine. She was nearly furless.

Her breed was unrecognizable — her skin was raw and red and most of her fur was missing. Extremely hungry, she could hardly move.

Photo Credit: Jessi Sova

Jessi Sova, a foster for Happy Tails Rescue, came upon Mikita’s story on Facebook. She was looking for a companion for her rescue husky, and she wanted to meet Mikita and help her.

She immediately scheduled a meeting and applied for adoption.

“She was so tiny and just the sweetest little thing. My son had come with me to meet her, and we both fell in love,” Jessi told The Dodo.

After Jessi treated Mikita’s mange, tufts of gray and white fur gradually started to cover her body. Soon, Jessi realized that Mikita was actually a husky, too!

Photo Credit: Jessi Sova

Jessi soon found out that Mikita still had one more issue: her back. It was painful for the pup to play and sleep.

Jessi shared, “It was kind of like having a baby in the house. She’d wake me several times a night, and I had to decipher what she needed (if anything).”

Photo Credit: Jessi Sova

“One night, I woke to her screaming, and she couldn’t get her back legs under herself to stand,” she recalled. “My friend took us both to the emergency vet.”

Mikita was tested for two days until she was diagnosed with discospondylitis, an infection of the vertebrae.

After taking antibiotics, Mikita started blossoming into her happy, fun-loving self.

Jessi shared, “[Going to] the emergency vet was really her turning point. Her fur started growing and she was able to start playing more.”

Photo Credit: Jessi Sova

Mikita’s fur became fluffier than ever! And it’s still growing longer and longer.

Photo Credit: Jessi Sova

“It took a long time to build up her strength and stamina, and her back doesn’t bend very much, but she does great. I swear her fur keeps getting longer and longer. I don’t think we’ve maxed out on length yet,” Jessi shared.

Photo Credit: Jessi Sova

Jessi and Mikita are happy that they found each other, and they’re grateful for it every day.

“I can’t imagine life right now without her,” Jessi shared. “Watching her heal and grow, I’m not sure I have the words for how it feels. It’s bittersweet at times because I think about her condition when she [was rescued], but I also think about how lucky I am to have such a sweet baby.”

Consider donating to Lightshine Canine and Happy Tails Rescue to help dogs like Mikita.


Source: The Dodo