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School Holds the Cutest Election for Preschoolers and Kindergarten Students!



  • While a lot of people were busy casting their votes for the national election, kids at two schools in Texas held their own special elections. 
  • The candidates, Percy the Rooster and Mia the Mouse, vied for the position as Primrose Friend mascot at Primrose School of Fort Worth West and Primrose School of North East Flower Mound.
  • The kids got to learn the significance of a responsible citizen’s right to vote.

The national election season had millions of U.S. citizens practicing their rights to vote. While American adults were busy with this, two schools in Texas took this as an opportunity to teach their students the significance of suffrage, citizenship, and involvement in civic activities. So they held their own special elections — and it was the cutest!

Photo Credit: Facebook

Percy the Rooster competed against Mia the Mouse for presidential Primrose Friend mascot at Primrose School of Fort Worth West and Primrose School of North East Flower Mound.

Photo Credit: Facebook

It was a tough decision for the preschoolers and kindergarten students to make because both candidates had very good platforms. 

Percy campaigned for courage while Mia promoted good citizenship! Both amazing qualities, but only one should win. So the kids had to voice out their opinions and drop their votes in the ballot box. 

Photo Credit: Facebook

Ashley Doan, Director of Admissions at Fort Worth, joined in on the fun as a political correspondent! She interviewed the kids and adults alike to get their opinion about the candidates.

Primrose 2020 Election Coverage

Breaking News! Ashely Doan, our political correspondent, is on the campaign trail discovering what voters are saying about Percy.Posted by Primrose School of Fort Worth West on Friday, October 9, 2020

Primrose 2020 Election Coverage

Our political correspondent, Ashley Doan, is on the campaign trail talking to voters about Mia the Mouse.Posted by Primrose School of Fort Worth West on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The election was filled with fun and excitement. In the end, Mia the Mouse won as the newest presidential mascot for Flower Mound and Fort Worth!


Not only was it fun and exciting, but it also taught students a lot about the importance of practicing the right to vote as a responsible citizen of the country. 

We hope many schools follow through with this and teach their students in their early age the significance of elections! 

Source: Inspire More