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Shih Tzu calls family members down every dinner time [Video]



  • Dex the Shih Tzu has taken upon himself a very important job: making everyone know when dinner is ready.
  • When the nine-year-old dog receives the signal that the food is done, he calls on everyone to go downstairs for dinner time.
  • He then waits for the rest of his family members at the bottom of the stairs before joining them for family mealtime.

Dinner is usually the time where family members gather at the table to eat at the same time. For one family, an adorable Shih Tzu has taken it upon himself to call them down every dinner time.

Photo Credit: TikTok/dexmads

Every dinner time, Dex the Shih Tzu waits for the signal from his owner that the food is ready. As soon as he gets it, he hops onto the stairs of their home and starts barking loudly to let all the family members know that it’s time to eat.

Here’s the nine-year-old Dex in action, shared by TikTok user @dexmads.

His family has since learned what Dex’s barking meant: it was time to go downstairs to have dinner with everyone.

As Dex excitedly goes down the stairs, he continues to wait for the rest of his family members to go down before joining them for family mealtime.

Photo Credit: TikTok/dexmads

It really is an important job — he makes sure that everyone is present at the family table during dinner time!

The adorable Dex has taken it upon himself to call for his family members so that his owner wouldn’t have to shout for them to come down.

Those who watched the video of Dex on the job quickly fell in love with the little pup.

Shih Tzus are a small dog breed that is known for being affectionate lap dogs. They tend to be happy and outgoing pups who love following their favorite humans everywhere.


Source: Mirror