Stray Cat Asks For Help In The Perfect Place — The Hospital! [Video]

  • A cat came limping to the emergency room of the Tatvan State Hospital Emergency Services in Bitlis, Turkey.
  • Nurse Abuzer Özdemir noticed the cat, examined him and put a splint on the broken leg.
  • After the medical attention, the cat can now walk and Nurse Abuzer Özdemir and the hospital staff has adopted him and named him “Davso.” 

It may not be the correct hospital for cats but the cat got the emergency care that it needed, thanks to nurse Abuzer Özdemir.

Posted by Bitlis Tatvan Devlet Hastanesi on Thursday, 17 November 2022

In the video of the Tatvan State Hospital Emergency Services in Bitlis, Turkey, the cat waited for a while in the emergency room then went to the surgical emergency room and sneaked into the operating room where Özdemir noticed him.

The cat was limping but knew where he was going to ask for help.

Özdemir said, “I saw a cat walk in and it was staggering.”  He added, “When I picked him up for examination, I noticed that his foot was broken, and I put his foot in a splint.”  He even gently bandaged the cat.

Photo Credit: Pusuhaber (Facebook)

With the medical care that he was given, the cat, who is now called “Davso” by Özdemir and the other hospital staff, has regained his mobility.  They even adopted him!

The facility’s chief physician, Dr. Gökmen Reyhanlı, could not help but praise Özdemir and other staffers.  He said, “I thank our friends for their sensitivity.” Dr. Reyhanlı added, “Our emergency personnel, who noticed the cat, performed the first response and then adopted him.”

You are one smart and lucky cat, Davso! Thank you, Özdemir and the other hospital staff! 

Source: The Dodo

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Great job! You have a furry friend for life!