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Stray Dog Takes Care of Puppies Even If They’re Not His



  • A Good Samaritan found a dog with a litter of puppies in a parking lot in Texas.
  • She set out to capture the little family and found out that the adult dog was male and the puppies he was protecting were not his own.
  • She brought the dog and the puppies to her home and later flew to White Rock Dog Rescue to be put up for adoption.

According to experienced rescuer Leslie Hennings, adult stray dogs typically protect puppies on the street, regardless if they are their own or not.  Fights break out among strays over food and the adult dogs make sure that the little ones do not get caught in the crossfire.

This is what one Good Samaritan observed when she found one stray shielding a litter of puppies at a Texas parking lot.  She noticed that whenever the dog senses a threat, it protects the pups by putting itself in front of the puppies or acting as a shield.

What she did not know at that time was that the puppies were not the dog’s babies, that it was a male dog and it was also scared.

Photo Credit: Leslie Hennings

But she was determined to capture the dog and its kids.  When she finally did, she brought them to her property before they were transported to their different foster homes.  With the lack of a fence, she had a problem with keeping the puppies where they were placed. She said, “[The puppies] wouldn’t stay.”  Every time that they would escape, the dad would find them and bring them back.

Photo Credit: Leslie Hennings

After a few days, they were transported to the foster home at White Rock Dog Rescue by volunteer pilots.  Here, both the dad and his litter would stay until the shelter can find them their forever homes.

Photo Credit: Leslie Hennings

May they all come home to loving families.

Source: The Dodo