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Sweet Calf Who Can’t Walk Gets A Customized Wheelchair [Video]



  • Ruby Sue is a sweet calf who was diagnosed with curly calf syndrome that limits her mobility. 
  • She has a curved spine and her back legs were enjoined together making it hard for her to move around. 
  • Thankfully, her rescuers never stopped looking for ways to help and finally, she’s now able to walk using a customized wheeled support built especially for her.

Ruby Sue was born with a physical condition that makes it hard for her to move around. 

Fortunately, the sweet calf was rescued and now lives safely in the care of Safe in Austin Rescue Ranch in Texas. They hope to improve her way of living, seeing how she was clearly a sunshine on her own and that all she needed was a guide to the right path. 

Our best walking yet!!!!! Look at our little two legged girl go!!! So so proud of her improvement! She’s figuring out how this whole walking thing goes!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️????Posted by Safe in Austin on Friday, 25 September 2020

Everybody fell in love with her right away! They took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with curly calf syndrome — in which her back legs are enjoined together and her spine is curved. 

“Besides her deformities in her spine, hips, and back legs, she is a very happy and healthy baby,” they said. “She eats like a champ, is breathing completely normal, and is trying to move around!”

Photo Credit: @safeinaustinrescue (Instagram)

The biggest wheelchair for animals wouldn’t even fit her. So the staff started sharing ideas on how to help her further.  That’s when they discovered Walkin’ Pets! 

They built a customized wheelchair for Ruby Sue that enables her to walk using her front legs.  

Photo Credit: @safeinaustinrescue (Instagram)

“Because of these wheels, Ruby Sue is able to stand on her own, allowing her to get the exercise she needs to strengthen her front legs and learn how to walk for the very first time,” says the Walkin’ Pets spokesperson, Jennifer Pratt.

Ever since she got the wheelchair, Ruby Sue has been exercising growing stronger and stronger everyday. 

Way to go Ruby Sue!

Source: Inspire More