Sweet chihuahua encourages little sister to go down the stairs [Video]

  • A little dog’s human parent was teaching her how to use the stairs by tapping on the steps.
  • They then realized that Mila’s older dog sibling, Kevin, was also motivating Mila by tapping on the steps!
  • It was such a sweet gesture for Kevin to encourage his little sister.

Watching older siblings pass on their knowledge and encourage their younger siblings can be heartwarming to see. One chihuahua made a sweet gesture to encourage his little sister to learn how to use the stairs.

The sweet moment was caught on video by Kevin and Mila’s human parents. In the clip, we can see their parent tapping on the stairs to teach Mila how to go down them. They were so busy teaching Mila that they just realized that Kevin was mimicking the tapping to encourage his little sister!


After watching the video, I noticed the sweetest moment of Kevin tapping the stairs like he saw me doing.???? #bestfriends #dogsofttiktok #chihuahuastiktok #learning #HPSustainableSounds #rescuedog #fyp

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Sweet Kevin wanted to help cheer for her little sister! He just wanted to help her learn.

The video has since been viewed over a million times, with viewers getting enamored with the sweet big brother.

One comment read, “Oh god… that tapping is precious! Kevin, you are the most adorable!!♥️????♥️.” He really is a good boy.

Photo Credit: TikTok/usandthewawas

Another viewer wrote, “That is THE sweetest thing I have seen ❤️.” A third observed, “They’re so much smarter than we give them credit for! ????.”

Meanwhile, another viewer offered some helpful advice for pet parents who want to teach their pets how to use the stairs: “I think she can’t figure out where the steps are, they kind of blend together. Contrasting edging might help!”

One viewer shared a similar experience with pet siblings, this time with cats. They wrote, “Omg we just got a kitten- our older cat is teaching him everything. He’s like a human dad. It’s amazing to see.”

It’s amazing to see how pets act a lot like humans when it comes to relationships.

Source: Pet Helpful

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