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Snow-loving dog absolutely loves her new snow goggles

Adventurous dog absolutely loves her new snow goggles [Video]

Maple the Border Collie is an energetic dog who loves the outdoors, so her mom got her protective goggles. When she realized she could see under the snow while wearing them, she absolutely freaked...
husky snow mound

Husky stays in snow mound to prevent grandpa from cleaning it up [Video]

Buster the snow dog was excited for his first snowfall of the year, so he was disappointed to see his grandpa shoveling the snow away from their yard. He decided to stand his ground...

Winter dog not letting grandpa clean up snow [Video]

Buster is a Siberian Husky who loves the snow. Buster got into a little argument with his grandpa when he cleaned the pile of snow he was playing with in their yard. He ended...