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Winter dog not letting grandpa clean up snow [Video]



  • Buster is a Siberian Husky who loves the snow.
  • Buster got into a little argument with his grandpa when he cleaned the pile of snow he was playing with in their yard.
  • He ended up playing outside, when he saw the entire place is filled with snow — never mind the yard!

There is no negotiating with Buster, a Siberian Husky dog, when it comes to snow. Not even his grandpa, who liked to shovel up snow in their yard during the winter.

Photo Credit: Michael Kapusty/The Dodo

It’s always real trouble for Buster and his dad, Michael Kapusty, every time it snows, as Buster would rather stay outdoors and spend the night in a pile of snow.  

“It can be a real challenge to get him inside late at night — he’d much prefer to sleep in a snowbank,” Michael said. “He will pounce and dive in the snow like a dolphin in water.”

Photo Credit: Michael Kapusty/The Dodo

Michael knew Huskies are both snow-loving and stubborn. He came to terms with it during the season’s first big snowfall, when Buster was ecstatic to the point of cute madness when he saw his grandpa cleaning up the snow pile.

What Buster did was nothing short of charming, when he immediately sat down on a hump of snow, and refused to move as if telling his grandpa not to touch the snow!

“I knew this was a typical Buster moment,” Michael said. “He was told to move, but the look on his face said otherwise. He stayed there ’til everything around him was gone and he realized he lost the battle.”   

When Buster saw that he can’t do anything anymore to stop his grandpa, he backed down, and showed utter disappointment with everyone.

What he was unaware of was that there is a whole world of snow outside their yard, and this time, grandpa can no way shovel and clean it all up. It was snow heaven!

Photo Credit: Michael Kapusty/The Dodo

Buster ended up playing outside, forgetting about his little tantrum and forgiving his dad and grandpa for taking away his tiny snow pile in the yard!

Source: The Dodo