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Husky stays in snow mound to prevent grandpa from cleaning it up [Video]



  • Buster the snow dog was excited for his first snowfall of the year, so he was disappointed to see his grandpa shoveling the snow away from their yard.
  • He decided to stand his ground by refusing to move away from his little snow mound.
  • Buster’s snow pile eventually got taken away, but he enjoyed a lot more snow when he went outside.

Buster is one snow-loving husky — it’s in his nature, after all. Like many other pooches, this dog loves playing outside in the snow and is disappointed when told he has to come inside.

husky loves snow
Photo Credit: Michael Kapusty

His dad, Michael Kapusty, considers it “a real challenge” to get Buster to come inside at night.

“He’d much prefer to sleep in a snowbank,” he said. “He will pounce and dive in the snow like a dolphin in water.” 

Buster is so excited whenever the snow starts falling. It was the year’s first big snowfall, so he was so happy to run around and play in it.

When he spotted his grandpa shoveling the snow away from their yard, he was disappointed and didn’t want all the snow to disappear. So, he made sure to stand his ground.

Husky stays in snow mound
Photo Credit: Michael Kapusty

It was the first snowfall of the year, after all, so Buster didn’t like it at all when he saw his family taking it away.

“So, he came over and sat down in the middle of it,” Michael said.

Buster’s grandpa continued to shovel the snow around him, but the pup stood guard on his little snow mound, refusing to move.

Michael shared, “He was told to move, but the look on his face said otherwise. He stayed there ’til everything around him was gone and he realized he lost the battle.” 

Buster eventually gave in, but he was so sad to see his little snow mound disappear.

He was definitely upset with everyone who took away his snow!

But all was forgiven when he went outside and realized that there was a lot more snow there than his tiny snow pile.

husky loves snow
Photo Credit: Michael Kapusty

Buster is definitely a snow dog, and he will always try his best to guard his snow from anyone who tries to take it away from him.

While Buster may not be able to keep the snow in the yard, his dad always makes sure that he gets his time in the snow outside as much as he wants.

Photo Credit: Michael Kapusty

You can see more of this snow-loving husky on TikTok

Source: The Dodo