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Dog stands his ground and says “No!” [Video]



  • Malakai is a Siberian Husky who loves to play in the snow.
  • When the snow storm hit their city, Malakai made sure to spend all of his time outside.
  • His mom, Melissa, however, disapproved of this, but Malakai sure knew how to assert his right and say an outright “no” to his mom!

Snow-loving Siberian Husky Malakai got a once-in-a-lifetime treat when the snow storm instantly transformed his yard into snow land.

With a thickly furred double coat, Siberian Huskies do well in extremely cold environment. That is why Malakai went totally stumped why his mom, Melissa Renick, would not allow him to stay out in the cold every night.

It was an imposing but cute banter, every time Melissa tells Malakai to get inside the house as it gets freezing cold outside.

As if asserting his dog rights, Malakai knew how to stand his ground when Melissa repeatedly instructed him to come inside: he howled a straight-up “NO!” while shaking his head.


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This attitude, however, did not come as a surprise to Melissa anymore. She knows Malakai can really just be as persistent and assertive.

“He’s a grown-ass dog — he does what he wants to do,” Melissa said on her TikTok video. “He’s a good boy, though.”

But, all kids must obey their parents, right? Even if Malakai can be relentless at times, the mom always gets in the way, no matter what. Apparently, Malakai realizes, too, that moms truly know best.

Whenever Malakai yields with his mom’s discipline to stay in the house to warm up a bit, he would do so willingly and unwillingly at the same time. According to Melissa, she would often catch Malakai staring sadly by the screen door, as if telling the snow “I wish I were there.”


He just wants outside ???? ##fyp ##snowdogs ##huskylife ♬ Sad Song (feat. Elena Coats) – We The Kings

Thankfully, the snow seems to be staying longer in his hometown, and he gets to have more time to play in the snow — with mom’s permission and all!

Source: The Dodo