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Tech Savvy Pooch Outsmarts Owners With Pet Cam Antics



Quick Smiles:

  • Modern pet parents keep in touch with their furry friends via advanced pet cams.
  • Canine companion Bentley, owned by Lisa Van Wagoner, has figured out how to use the Furbo Dog Camera to get treats!
  • Bentley’s camera time has been turned into a popular TikTok video, making him an internet sensation!

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The internet is ablaze with delight over a clever pooch named Bentley who has mastered the art of beckoning for treats using his pet cam. His antics have birthed a charming blend of cutting-edge tech and endearing canine behavior, irresistible to pet parents and animal lovers everywhere.

As technology continues to evolve, it’s becoming further intertwined with our daily lives, inclusive of our relationships with our pets. Pet cams, such as the Furbo Dog Camera, are rising in popularity, enabling pet parents to not only supervise their precious pets, but also interact with them when they’re apart.

Lisa Van Wagoner, also known under her TikTok handle, @lisalou0703, introduced a Furbo Dog Camera to her home. These innovative devices allow owners to view, interact, and even dispense a treat for their pets remotely. However, in an unexpected twist of events, her dog Bentley has taken control of the camera.

The essence of Bentley’s act lies in simply staring at the camera until a treat is released. Lisa and her family can’t constantly monitor the camera, yet Bentley seems to have the timing perfected. It’s a delightful example of man’s best friend outsmarting his human counterparts.


“Family members would visit her home and check on her father. While there, they observed Bentley in front of the Furbo.”

These astute family members would then message Lisa, indicating that Bentley was in position, “waiting and needs a treat.” As soon as she launched the Furbo app, Bentley was prepared and eager for his on-camera treat.

Lisa documented this captivating story on TikTok, where the video became an instant internet hit. Uploaded on April 28th, it has already gathered over 1.2 million views and 200,000 likes, confirming Bentley’s status as an internet sensation.

“Raise your hand if your dog is obsessed with a Furbo camera.”

According to Lisa, Bentley’s adorable face usually succeeds in garnering him a treat. It remains an endearing mystery whether he’s aced the technology or just mastered the art of looking irresistible at the right moment.

Perhaps a single treat isn’t sufficient for our ingenious Bentley. Lisa indicates that she fills the Furbo device with small training treats, but ever the good boy, Bentley is always seeking one more token of affection.


As Bentley continues to win hearts (and treats), amusing comments from TikTok users flow in. “I think Bentley might be the one sending those messages,” one user humorously suggested. Another quipped, “Bentley gave up on asking the guy on the couch.” Clearly, Bentley’s adorable trick has hit a humorous note, spreading joy all around.

In conclusion, Bentley symbolizes the powerful bond between humans and their pets, a bond that can make the use of technology even more amusing. So to all the pet parents out there, stay vigilant with your pet cam – you never know when your furry friend might be ready for their screen time!


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