Terry Bradshaw Spotted Helping Jump Start A Stranded Man’s Car In Texas [Video]

  • A man got stranded at a parking lot in Texas and thankfully a kind stranger went over to help. 
  • What he didn’t was that, it was the famous NFL legend Terry Bradshaw. 
  • A woman saw what Bradshaw did and recorded the now viral video of the humble star’s good deed!

It truly is a bummer when your car battery dies while you are outside. But what if a sports celebrity comes over to help you? Sounds fun! 

Recently, a woman spotted the 72-year-old NFL legend Terry Bradshaw, helping a man who got stranded at a parking lot in Gainesville, Texas. While the man seemed oblivious who the kind stranger was, the woman certainly recognized Bradshaw and took a video of his good deed. 

In the footage, a masked man in blue shirt, who appears to be Bradshaw, chats with the owner of the car as he helps him jump start it. 

And this is why I’m a true Terry Bradshaw fan!!!! Super humble fella ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Posted by Cindy Hurt Hammer on Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Once done, he then raises both hands and exclaims, “Touchdown!” The man expresses thanks for the assistance and offers Bradshaw something in return, but he politely declines. 

It was only when he went to the Pack ‘N’ Mail store that he learned, the stranger who helped him earlier was actually the famous NFL quarterback and actor, Terry Bradshaw. 

Although Bradshaw did not respond yet for a comment to Today’s request. 

“He had no idea who was helping him until he came in the store to use the computer and we told him,” Cindy Hurt Hammer, the woman who recorded the sweet encounter, told NBC 5.

“The world needs to see more people like this. He is a blessing to so many people and probably doesn’t even know it,” she added. 

Cindy posted the video on Facebook and it quickly went viral with over 70k views! 

And this is why I’m a true Terry Bradshaw fan!!!! Super humble fella,” she said on the caption. 

Fans in the comment section also shared their experiences meeting with the kindhearted and down to earth star.

Source: TODAY

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