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The Phantom Toilet Flusher was the Cat All Along [Video]



  • Kai, a clever cat, has learned to flush the toilet on his own.
  • If allowed, he would flush the toilet 24/7 as it has become his favorite toy.
  • His mom was forced to turn the water off at night to prevent her cat from constantly flushing while she was sleeping.

Even as a kitten, Kai has always been fascinated by toilet flushing. He loves hanging around the toilet and would watch fascinatingly as the water moves around.

But when his mom, Sabrina Louise, heard phantom flushes whenever she was in the shower, she did not initially think of Kai as the culprit. Even when the bathroom started flooding, she always thought that there was a problem with the plumbing. Still, she could not find anything wrong with it when she checked.

Until one day, Louise caught Kai using the toilet. He had learned how to flush it just by himself!

What are you doing? Do you mind? ????Posted by Misadventures of Kai on Saturday, 27 March 2021

Louise said, “He started flushing it in front of me, and that’s when he became quite obsessed. I tried putting the lid down, but he still flushed. I tried shutting the door, but he screams.”

Kai started thinking of the toilet as his favorite toy and would flush it 24/7. He would continue flushing even when his mom yells at him to stop it or for him to get out of the bathroom.

“He runs out, meowing and purring at me. Then a few minutes later, he’s back in there,” Kai added.

Photo Credit: @misadventuresofkai (Facebook)

To make him stop, Louise turns off the water before she goes to bed and turns it on the morning after. If she does not do this, the incessant flushing would keep her up all night.

Clever as Kai is, he has adjusted to the water schedule. Louise said, “He flushes the toilet any time he’s awake basically, but now, tends to do it in the morning and the evening, as he knows that’s when the water is turned on.”

Louise added that Kai sneaks a flush whenever there are people using it, and especially when she is in the shower. Sometimes the sneaky feline would even try to flush some of his toys there!

Photo Credit: @misadventuresofkai (Facebook)

And so, the mystery of the phantom flusher has been solved. It was the sneaky but clever cat all along.

Source: The Dodo