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Therapy Dog Finds A Way To Visit His Senior Friends In Quarantine Despite Social Distancing



  • Tonka, a therapy dog, has been visiting senior residents and patients in shelters.
  • But due to safety measures, he had to pause his visitation and the elderly people are left in their houses in isolation.
  • Thankfully, Tonka and his handler were able to think of a way to still visit and see them through their windows.

A very sweet and adorable therapy dog named Tonka knows that in rough times like this, his attendance is most needed—

—and that, he’d always be happy to provide.

Photo Credit: Susan Peters-fineske

Tonka has been visiting and giving joy to senior residents and patients at Cedar Pointe Health and Wellness Suites in Texas for about a year now. But recently, due to the safety measures to fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic, this good habit has been in a pause.

Seniors living in shelters are now more alone than ever since their contact with the outside world was limited.

Photo Credit: Susan Peters-fineske

Thankfully, Tonka and his keeper found a way to work around the situation.

So instead of entering the house as what Tonka normally does, he greets them by the window to let them know that despite being isolated, they are never alone.

Photo Credit: Susan Peters-fineske

And the elderly people were so happy to see him again.

“It was heartwarming to see the look on the faces of the elderly when they were surprised to see Tonka in their window,” Susan Peters-Fineske, Tonka’s keeper, told The Dodo. “When they would put their hands up against the window it brought a few tears.”

Some of them even took an effort to make a sign to let Tonka know they miss him and they appreciate his courage to go around and visit them despite the dangers in the outside world.

Photo Credit: Susan Peters-fineske

For sure this won’t be the last of Tonka’s visit to put a smile on people’s faces. As the fight continues against the dangerous virus, Tonka will continue to bring happiness and joy through the windows of the residents waiting for him. And until they can meet face-to-face again, he will be there for them no matter what.

“I’m so lucky that I was there [that day],” Susan said, “to see that and be a part of it all.”

Source: The Dodo