There’s Just No Privacy For This Hairless Cat’s Owner: They Sneak Into Her Bath! [Video]

  • TikTok user @finnickymags got social media laughing out loud with her video of her cat Finnick sliding into her bath with her.
  • As if Finnick was not enough, her other cat Mags followed and inspected what the fuss was about.
  • A lot of domestic cats do not like baths but these hairless ones do love the water.

In a TikTok video shared by @finnickymags and captioned “No Privacy” her water-loving Sphynx cat joins her in the bath.

Owner Andrea LeJeune’s hairless cat Finnick dips his paw first before submerging the whole leg and body down the water. He does not really care about how his mom would react but he just stares at her like: “Is there a problem?”

@finnickymags When I forget to make sure the bathroom door actually latched closed! #noprivacy #sphynx #sphynxcat #Finnick #Mags #FinnickAndMags #nakedcat #hairlesscat #scoochinrighthere #carsextenedwarranty ♬ original sound – Spectiplier

And it’s got the internet in stitches racking over 900,000 likes and close to 5 million views.

What’s even funnier is that his sister Mags is also popping her head on the bath’s edge to investigate!

TikTok user @invalid.characters could not help but comment at the brashness of the two: “It was /very/ considerate of them to take their fur coats off before getting in the water. 10/10 good kitteh.”

And Aryanna jokes: “The cats saw you with no clothes and thought ‘one of us, one of us.'”

Photo Credit: @finnickymags (TikTok)

Brittany pointed out Mags’ decision to follow Finnick with: “The other cat showed up like ‘NO ONE TOLD ME WE WERE GOING SWIMMING'” which Lovely Me added with: “The 2nd cat looking like ‘aye bro move over, I’m coming in too.'”

Other water-loving cat owners joined in with Sammy Ullrich who wrote: “My cat does this too. But he’s long haired so my bath is then over.”

While Tuaiwi said: “So much better than my cat. She walks around it then falls in dramatically while screeching.”

Head veterinarian for Cooper Pet Care Dr. Patrik Holmboe said that no one really knows why domestic cats don’t like water as big and wild cats like tigers and jaguars do like the water and swim without a care in the world. 

Photo by Dan Wayman on Unsplash

He added it could be the prevailing theory that cats like their fur looking, feeling and smelling a specific way and a bath would change that.

With hairless cats, the bath makes their skin cleaner.  But there are others of the breed who might not like a bath, too.  To each his/her own.

Just be prepared to have a bath intruder and not shout out in fear when you have the hairless ones.

Source: Newsweek

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