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These 3 dogs paint themselves and their house bloody red



  • Three dogs turned themselves and house red when their parents went out.
  • The mess was caused by the chalk-like refill dust under the sink they played with.
  • Jeremy and his husband found it funny, but will make sure the incident won’t happen again.

An aftermath of three dogs being home alone left pet parents “half mad and half laughing.”

Jeremy Eskelsen and his husband usually leave their dogs home by themselves, without causing any trouble — except for that day.

When the couple arrived, they were welcomed with a ‘newly’ painted house, all because of their mischievous trio, Harlow, Lola and Dogma, who did it without anyone’s help.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Eskelsen/The Dodo

“There was the massive red ‘drag streak’ across the floor,” Jeremy told The Dodo.

They were worried at first as the dogs didn’t do their usual door greetings. Quickly after, they realized that the dogs caused the mess all over the place.

Seeming guilty over what they just did, Harlow, Lola and Dogma were “hiding in their kennels.”

But the couple was just so happy that all of them were okay. “…we just knew they were going to ‘get away with this,’ with us half mad and half laughing,” Jeremy said.

The couple couldn’t blame the dogs, they were just extra playful that day when they found a can of chalk-like refill dust under the sink. All of a sudden, everything turned reddish-orange: the floor, the couch, and the dogs themselves!

Despite the red mess, the couple found it hilarious, especially after they saw Dogma who got the reddest since she has a white fur.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Eskelsen/The Dodo

“After the dogs realized we weren’t going to kill them, they came out, heads down, tails wagging low, slowly crawling out of the crates,” Jeremy said. “When we saw Dogma … We both just started howling. She looked so funny!”

Harlow and Lola weren’t as much dyed since they both have dark hairs.

Jeremy and his husband sent the dogs to groomers, so they could clean up the house while they were away. Initially, they thought it was an easy task with the help of the vacuum, but they were unfortunately wrong.

“We thought since it was just dust, a vacuum would take care of it… but much of it was a lot more … paste consistency. …they had peed in the chalk, walked in it, and then walked it all over the house,” Jeremy said.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Eskelsen/The Dodo

As it wasn’t a simple fix, the pet parents had to dispose their couch and chair. They even had to change the floor as it remained reddish even after lots of cleaning, so did Dogma! She still had a bit of a reddish tint that took time to fade away.

It seemed that the dogs did it on purpose to tell their parents they wanted a house makeover. And they succeeded!

Although the couple found the incident funny, they’re now making sure it will never happen again. Jeremy said that “the dogs have their own tiled room now, behind a baby gate, for when we’ll be out for too long.” 

Source: The Dodo