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These Pets Vet Visits Will Give You Cuteness Overload



Like any doctor, a veterinarian has good and bad days while on the job.

While they’re often faced with sick pets and their humans having a very bad day, on other days, they get to meet some of the cutest furry and feathered patients imaginable. These adorable animals make all of the difficult days just a little bit easier.

1. If you insist on being mean to the vet techs, prepare to wear the “sphere of shame.”

Photo Credit: u/Ruckus1237 (Reddit)

2. This swan appears to be saying “thank you” to the vet who saved its life.

Photo Credit: KittyMathafurrkah (Imgur)

3. The dog got a little nervous at the vet’s office and sought higher ground.

Photo Credit: u/Firstleah (Reddit)

4. A female koala was being treated after a run-in with a dog when the vet noticed she was lactating. A team of wildlife rescuers was dispatched, and they spent an entire day tracking down her baby so they could reunite them.

Photo Credit: u/alittlebitiffy (Reddit)

5. This cat really didn’t want to see the vet, so he pulled a “Houdini” and climbed into the trash hole.

Photo Credit: u/catsbuttscats (Reddit)

6. This scared pupper never visits the vet without his stuffed support animal.

Photo Credit: u/coreyschafer (Reddit)

7. Kitty was mean to the vet, so now he has to become a “purrito” just to be seen.

Photo Credit: u/blackmesa010 (Reddit)

8. His name is Doug, and he is here to help. Just read the sign!

Photo Credit: u/70ms (Reddit)

9. There may have been some medication involved.

Photo Credit: u/TravisArthurNichols (Reddit)

10. Nothing to see here, just a litter of 9-week old Maine Coon kittens at a well-check. (Squee!)

Photo Credit: Imgur

11. “They know he’s good-natured, so they decided to put a cap on him. They sent me this picture.”

Photo Credit: u/fatherlongleg (Reddit)

12. The surgery was a complete success! Hopefully his face didn’t stay this way after the meds wore off.

Photo Credit: u/twoyenfee (Reddit)

13. “The clinic cat got a shirt, and he won’t let anyone take it off.”

Photo Credit: u/yesimthatvalentine (Reddit)

14. This little owl may look cute, but he is giving the vet an epic stink-eye she won’t soon forget.

Photo Credit: u/shavesinthedark (Reddit)

15. This vet couldn’t resist sharing a picture of his patient, whose nose is a heart.

Photo Credit: u/hendo1685 (Reddit)

Thank you to all of the vets and vet techs who make caring for our animals look easy! We’re glad they get some sweet quality time with their patients sometimes, too.

Source: Inspire More