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Thirsty Pigeon Asks Help From A Guy Washing His Car [Video]



  • One will never know when we are called to serve a noble purpose as this guy later found out, as he was just washing his car.
  • A bird flew in to drink from the hose that he was using and cooled its body down.
  • The guy considers it a miracle that he has provided refuge for a random bird on a scorching day.

Recep Serçe was catching up on doing his chores and the first among the many was to wash his car.

Grabbing a hose, he turned it on and started cleaning.

Out of nowhere, a random pigeon swooped in and landed on the hood of the car.  That day was really scorching and Serçe sensed that the bird seemed to be asking for his help.

So, he stopped cleaning his car and turned the hose on the hood near the bird and let the water run.  The bird thirstily drank.  It also cooled its feathers with a bath from the running water.

Serçe just allowed the bird to take refuge from the heat by letting it quench its thirst and cool down its body. With the bird refreshed, it flew away.

Photo Credit: Recep Serçe

It was just a brief encounter but Serçe could not believe that by turning the water on to clean his car, he would also help another being. He said, “It was like a miracle. I was very happy [to receive her].” Serçe added, “It’s our duty to be humane.”

Thank you, Mr. Serçe!

Source: The Dodo