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Thousands relate with funny song about quarantine snacking [Video]



  • Gospel singer KD French had everyone saying, “Relatable!” while marveling at her raw talent when she shared a song about quarantine snacking.
  • KD said that the lockdown had her constantly snacking and wandering over to the fridge out of boredom.
  • As thousands related to her song, KD was more than happy to have provided laughter during these uncertain times.

A gospel singer wowed everyone when she delivered some much-needed entertainment in a form of a song — about endless snacking during quarantine.

The lyrics had everyone saying, “Relatable!” while marveling at her raw talent.

KD French, from Atlanta, Georgia, sang the lead and background vocals in a video that quickly went viral.

In the video, KD can be heard singing the lines, “Somebody stop me, I’m at the fridge,” while the background vocals echo, “She’s at the fridge again!”

The song continues: “I think it’s time for my snack now but it’s only been two minutes since the last visit. What about the chicken? Mashed potatoes? Collared greens? Or some fruit? Or a melon? Ice cream? How ‘bout a pickle? Popsicle? Or a slice of cheese?”

The lyrics clearly hit too close to home! The video has since been viewed more than 9.5 million times in Facebook and YouTube.

One commenter said, “This is the official COVID19 lockdown weight gain anthem.”

The video was also shared by “Pose” star Billy Porter on Instagram with the caption, “Don’t act like y’all can’t relate….. Who’s been to the fridge again?”

Photo Credit: TODAY

During a live interview with TODAY on Tuesday, KD shared that she was inspired when she found herself constantly snacking and wandering over to the fridge.

She shared, “I was at the fridge again for the 20th time within an hour, seriously, and I just ran with it. A beat started coming.”

KD told TODAY that the positive response to her video made her feel “overwhelmed with joy.” She simply loved that her video brought happiness.

Photo Credit: News Lagoon

She told CNN that she’s “just grateful to be in the category of laughter” among all the disconcerting news.

“All of us are going through something… Laughter heals, it helps,” she continued.


KD also joked in the video’s caption: “At least making this song kept me from the fridge for about an hour!! Jumping jacks, sit ups, and running are in my future!! I can see it… but not today!!!”

Source: TODAY