TikTok Users Excitedly Await Baby’s Next Hilarious Candle Reviews [Video]

A new baby is taking the internet by storm.

The baby’s “serious” candle reviews have gone viral on TikTok where users look forward to her verdict. Did we mention that the baby girl is so adorable?

Mom Bri Kramer took her less-than-two-year-old daughter Sunday to candle shopping one day. She let her daughter smell the glasses to see her reaction.


She is very serious about this job 😠

♬ original sound – Bri Kramer

What Mom Bri didn’t expect was how Sunday took the candle-smelling seriously. And the cute girl is not shy about giving her thoughts on the different scents.

Bri shared the video of Sunday’s candle review on TikTok and was surprised that it would be liked by so many people.


♬ original sound – Bri Kramer

“She is very serious about this job,” Mom Bri captioned the clip.

The first video has garnered nearly 6 million views while part 2 was viewed more β€” almost 12 million. Thanks to Sunday’s hilarious but honest candle reviews.

Photo Credit: @brikramer (TikTok)

Bri said in a recent interview that Sunday has always loved scents and has been pretty consistent with her likes and dislikes.

“When she was around 6 months old, I would have her smell spices in the pantry. I just was kind of experimenting to see if she would remember scents and if she would have a preference, and she really did,” she told TODAY.

Now, Bri has even started getting requests from fans for specific scents that Sunday has to try.

@brikramer Replying to @tatyanadalton ♬ original sound – Bri Kramer

There are some popular scents that Sunday was not a fan of, like Tom Ford’s Oud Wood. Viewers joked that Tom Ford sales would probably go down because of that “honest” review.

TikTok user Grace wrote: “Oud wood sales πŸ“‰” while Garachie commented that it’s “The only review I trust.”

You can follow Sunday and her adorable candle reviews on TikTok @brikramer.

Source: Sunny Skyz

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