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Tiny Adorable Kitten Gets Stuck in Favorite Toy [Video]



  • When Little Pnina discovered that she can fit inside a toy, it has quickly become her favorite.
  • She loves playing with it so much that one day, she even got stuck inside it!
  • She has since learned how to slip in and out of it, but she still looks like she’s adorably stuck whenever she hangs out inside.

Little Pnina and her siblings were only 3 weeks old when they were abandoned. They were found in a box outside a shelter in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The kittens have since been taken in by different rescue groups and foster families. Others, like Pnina, have found a temporary home at The Tiny Pet Rescue.

The Tiny Pet Rescue’s founder, Danni Meyerson, described Pnina as “incredible, delicate, gentle, affectionate, friendly, and generally just perfectly lovable and amazing.”

The sweet Pnina just loves exploring new things and playing with toys in the most adorable way.


One such toy, pictured above, ignited her curiosity. Once she discovered that her tiny body can fit inside, it enticed her even more. Pnina had found her favorite toy! She does get stuck in it sometimes, though.

I can’t stop watching ????Posted by Rachel May Arusi on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The tiny Pnina has since figured out how to get in and out of the toy easily.

But she still looks like she’s helplessly stuck in it whenever she hangs out inside.


Danni shared, “All kittens love that toy and like to go inside it, but she took it to a different level.”

The cute and hilarious sight of Pnina appearing to be stuck in her toy always brightens Danni’s day — and many others’ on Facebook!

Danni shared the silly-looking photos of Pnina in the toy, and we can’t get over how adorable she looks!


Pnina eventually grew out of her favorite toy and was soon adopted together with her siblings.

She now has a lovely forever home filled with several toys. We wonder what her favorite toy will be next? We’re sure she’ll always look adorable playing with whatever she finds.

Learn more about The Tiny Pet Rescue on Facebook

Source: The Dodo