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TV-Loving Border Collie Attempts To Watch His Favorite Cartoons



Quick Smiles:

  • Lenny, a lively Border collie, conveys his desire to watch his favorite cartoons by attempting to turn on the TV with an Xbox.
  • The dog’s adorable meltdown, when he is unable to power up the TV, has captivated the internet, gathering over 45,000 likes and over half a million views on TikTok.
  • Lenny’s boundless love for cartoons and his peculiar TV habits provide endless delight for his owner and the TikTok community.

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We all need a daily dose of entertainment, and this holds true for dogs too! Lenny, the spirited Border collie, has caused waves of laughter on the internet with his efforts to tune in to his favourite TV shows. The entertaining incident was uploaded on April 25th on his owner’s TikTok account @thhreemusketeers1232, capturing the internet’s attention.

The video showcases our captivating canine hero attempting to switch on the TV by pressing an Xbox button with his swift snout. His small tail wags in anticipation, only to falter when he realizes he hasn’t hit the right button. Subsequently, our canine companion falls into a disappointed whimper, evoking a sympathetic “Aaaww” from his owner.

This playful interaction touched a chord with thousands of TikTok users, who responded by granting the video over 45,000 likes and over half a million views. The comments section teemed with laughter and appeals to activate the TV for Lenny. A user humorously insisted, “OH HE BETTER GET THE TV AFTER THAT,” to which his owner assured, “He did!”

“Turn the TV on for that beautiful pupper,” another user echoed. While one user asked about Lenny’s favourite shows, the owner disclosed that Lenny enjoys children’s cartoons featuring lots of sound and colour.


Additional videos of Lenny’s amusing habits can be found on the same account. One video depicts him sniffing around the remote, attempting to change channels. His owner characterizes this as an “unhealthy obsession.” In another, Lenny is observed trying to nibble the cartoon characters on the screen, adding to his list of charming behaviours.

Lenny’s intelligence shines as he successfully opens and closes the Xbox and even recognizes his favourite advert. These antics have viewers commenting that Border collies are “too smart for their own good.”

The American Kennel Club (AKC) commends collies for their intellect and affirms their suitability as affectionate pets and working dogs. Although known as high-energy dogs, the AKC notes that collies are capable of calming down after a long day of activity.

For Lenny, his active lifestyle includes running across large fields, playing soccer, and jumping over fences. Given his busy schedule, it’s no surprise that Lenny enjoys relaxing with colourful cartoons.

Border collie Lenny has won the hearts of many online viewers with his entertaining TV tantrums, reminding us of the joy and unpredictability that pets can bring to our lives.


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1 Comment

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