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Video Of A Pig Convincing Another Pig To Play Will Make You Happy Today



  • Two pigs, Chino and Oreo, were rescued by TikTok user @spoiledrottenranch .
  • The TikTok user posted a video of Oreo and Chino after Chino finally convinced Oreo to play with him.
  • The shy Oreo doing the zoomies with Chino certainly makes for one adorable video you would want to watch over and over again for the good vibes.

TikTok user @spoiledrottenranch rescued two beautiful pigs.  Just like anything new, there would be differences in their behaviors while adjusting to their new life.  One pig, Chino, was excited and playful at the get go.  He did not need any coaxing to get a feel of their enclosure and immediately felt at home.  The other pig, Oreo, was a little shy and timid. 


It’s been over a week since we adopted these boys. I have noticed that Oreo is definitely more serious and Chino loves to play. Every day Chino does spinnies trying to get Oreo’s attention, and nothing…. Tonight Chino’s dreams came true and Oreo finally played with him. I can’t tell you how much I love these two. #rescueanimals #pigs #zoomies #fyp ♬ Don’t Stop Me Now – Remastered 2011 – Queen

Chino was trying to convince Oreo to play with him for a week now since they were brought to the ranch.  But Oreo was taking his time.  Until one day, Oreo changed his mind and did the zoomies around the enclosure.  Chino was ecstatic at the development and happily zoomed, too!

Chino’s patience has borne fruit.  Oh, what fun are these two having!  And viewers think that the video is just what they need to make their day.  Plus, the music is so on point for the energy that was bouncing off the two pigs prompting @heidistefan to say, “I never knew they could move so fast on those little getaway sticks!!!”   

Photo Credit: @spoiledrottenranch (TikTok)

True!  It also shows how happy the two are to be rescued and to have a chance to play.  Kudos also to Chino who never gave up on convincing Oreo to play.

As TiktTok user @shelleyhoo40 wrote, “Sometimes we need a Chino in our lives.”  Yes. We all need that Chino who would never give up on us and cheer us on to have fun.  Someone who would be the optimist to our being pessimist.  

Photo Credit: @spoiledrottenranch (TikTok)

“This is exactly what I needed to see tonight. Thank you!” said @beckprice100.

And when we feel down, we just have to replay the clip again just like @Anny_tritthart who said, “I’ve watched this so many times. It’s too cute.”

Source: Pet Helpful