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Walmart Employee Receives Bike from Kind Police Officer



  • Dennis, a police officer, was still working even on his off-duty day when he spotted Craig, a Walmart employee, walking on his way home.
  • He approached him and learned Craig’s bike, which he used to ride to and from work, got stolen.
  • He then decided to give him the bike he bought just months ago!

You may be doubtful about it, but there is still a lot of goodness in people.

Dennis Rowe, a police officer from Hapeville, Georgia, was in the middle of work even on his off-duty day when he spotted a man walking under the scorching heat of the sun from his work to his home.

Photo Credit: Hapeville Police Department (Facebook)

Craig Magby, an employee at Walmart who used to ride the bike to and from work until one day, had his bike stolen.

“I came out of the store, had my groceries in hand, was expecting to go home on my bike. I got to the area where I had parked and locked my bike and my bike was gone,” Craig recalled to Fox5 Atlanta

Dennis could clearly see how difficult it was for Craig to be walking all the way home under the Georgia heat. So he approached him, and they talked, while at the same time, he was thinking of the brand new bike he bought months before. After only having used it on a camping trip, it is now just sitting in his driveway unused because he has no plans to take any biking trip soon.

“When he told me his bike was taken from him I didn’t say anything to him, but I immediately knew I was going to bring that bike to him, and give it to him in hopes he could use it,” Dennis said. 

Photo Credit: Hapeville Police Department (Facebook)

The next Monday, Dennis showed up at Walmart and gave him his barely used bike. The sweetest thing is, Craig prayed for it and Dennis answered!

“I had talked to God about it,” he said. “He was like consider it done and he sent Officer Rowe my way. I’m grateful, thankful.”

For Dennis, he was just glad to be of help when Craig needed something the most — something he already has and barely uses. 

Photo Credit: Hapeville Police Department (Facebook)

“When I saw something that I had that I wasn’t using, and there was somebody that desperately could use it every day, I knew that I had to make that happen for him,” he said. “It was just part of the way I was raised, the way I was brought up, to give back and to give where I can.”

That is absolutely sweet and inspiring! Thank you so much, Officer, for your kindness!

Source: Inspire More