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Watch Little Goat Reunites With Family In A Touching Video



  • A family from the Philippines found a young goat trapped in the pit.
  • Knowing that it’s not safe for the little one to stay outside all by himself, they took him home and took care of him.
  • The next day, they found his family and the reunion was so sweet and heartwarming!

Shawarma D. Goat’s story stole the hearts of thousands of people on the internet when a family from the Philippines helped him reunite with his parents in the countryside.

The video of the kid’s reunion with his parents was posted on Reddit by u/kdearceo saying the young goat was found trapped in a pit. It garnered more than 120k “up-votes” and over 1.3k comments from people touched by the video. 

Ken Arceo rescued Shawarma and created the video compilation of him and his family spending 24 hours with the kid. It was also shared on twitter and instantly went viral with  2.4 million views.

“Meet Shawarma, a lost kid we found trapped in a pit and reunited with his herd after 24 hours,” Ken said in the caption of the video which was also shared on YouTube and has more than 270k views!

Photo Credit: KD Arceo(Youtube)

After they found the young goat, they thought he would be in danger outside by himself, so they took him home and tried to feed him. But it was quite difficult because the kid didn’t eat and he kept crying.

“It’s sad that every time he cuddles me to sleep last night he tries to suck on my shirt so I have this dropper with milk to think he was actually breastfeeding,” Ken said while apparently struggling in the video.

Photo Credit: KD Arceo(Youtube)

He nursed the little goat for a night and looked for information about him on the internet. “I’ve googled that they are sensitive to cold, the best I could give was body heat. I’ve also learned that they are social creatures so sleeping right beside him on the sofa solved the intense crying,” he said.

The next day, they planned on returning him to his parents but the weather was bad. Luckily, the rain halted by 4pm so they roamed around looking for goatherd until they passed by a group of goats who looked like Shawarma. 

Photo Credit: KD Arceo(Youtube)

They put him down and ushered him forward. When Shawarma bleated, it was answered by a mama goat and soon enough they were both running toward each other. Shawarma was apparently so hungry because the first thing she did was breastfeed.

“Now he can go for the real thing tonight,” Ken said, “and that makes me happy!”

The video is indeed heartwarming to watch and as Ken said, the experience of becoming a parent for a night was humbling. Thank you Shawarma!

Source: New York Post