Weatherman Reacts Like A Kid On TV When He Realized His Map Is TouchScreen [Video]

  • Meteorologist Greg Dutra is getting viral on the internet for a wholesome reason.
  • Greg was live on the air, reporting the weather when he realized that his monitor was a touch screen.
  • He couldn’t contain his excitement and he’s so adorable to watch.

ABC7 Chicago’s meteorologist Greg Dutra is getting viral on the internet not because of his good looks nor his weather report but because of how he reacted when he discovered his monitor is touchscreen. Greg made his adorable discovery during a live weather report.

The weather report started like usual, Greg pointing to a digital map and telling his viewers where it might rain. But when he touched the screen and the map moved, he realized his map was actually a touchscreen.

“I can do that? No way!” he exclaimed, obviously not containing his excitement.

Greg behaved like a child who just opened his Christmas gift. He’s very enthusiastic testing what else the monitor can do. He is so adorable to watch.

“Are you serious? Did you just discover that?” his morning co-host Val Warner asked off camera.

Co-host Terrell Brown appeared on screen with Greg and joined in on the fun. He was as amazed as Greg and showed the weatherman he can move the map simply by touching it. Evidently, no one had informed Greg about the magic of modern technology.

Photo Credit: @DutraWeather (Twitter)

“Oh man, It’s a great day!” Greg said, smiling from ear to ear.

He tried so hard to continue with his weather report, but his joy could not be denied. He couldn’t stop giggling.

The Twitter video took the internet by storm, racking 3.5 million views, as of this writing. Let’s just say that Greg’s hilarious reaction won millions of hearts.

Special thanks to the staff for not briefing Greg about the touchscreen. He made a lot of people smile and laugh today. We guess the viewers didn’t mind the rainy forecast.

Source: Upworthy

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