While Mom Was Gone, JJ The Beagle Explores His ‘Messy’ Artistic Side

  • Mom loves an adopted beagle who creates a mess at home.
  • JJ the beagle considers it an artwork not a mess.
  • JJ’s mom knows he won’t stop making a mess but loves him no matter what

Beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder.  Some people and his mom call it a mess, but for JJ the beagle, it’s a work of art and he’s mighty proud of it.

For Casey Lewis, “He’s always proud of his messes — ‘guilty beagle’ is an oxymoron.” And no matter how much a mess that JJ does, his mom loves him no less.  From the beginning, it was always that way.

Lewis said that on her first day of volunteering at the Norfolk SPCA in Virginia, she was introduced to JJ and her dream of always adopting a dog, came true. “It was love at first sight, and he came home with me that day … the SPCA still tells our story.”

Ever since that day, he has been loved and three years after, JJ has developed his opinions on everything and managed to create trouble and mischief in their household.

Photo Credit: Casey Lewis

 Lewis said, “Last year he destroyed six boxes of tissues, tore down the baby gate for the first time, and got into the steel, pedal-operated trash can … cleanup took over an hour … But I love him, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.” 

His most recent artistic endeavor happened when his mom could not get him to a doggy day care and had no choice but to leave him at home, alone.  All the time her mom was at the office, she was hoping that she would come home to a house in tatters.

Lewis said, “What I found when I got home was a MESS. He’d torn six boxes into shreds of various sizes, from recognizable to fingernail-sized. He’d also pulled down the wooden baby gate in the kitchen and managed to move the storage tower that held it in place, and a large chunk had broken off an already-broken corner of the gate. I was lucky he didn’t decide to go for the trash.” 

Photo Credit: Casey Lewis

And what did JJ do all the time that his mom was surveying and cleaning up the mess? Beaming proudly as if saying, “Look at my art work, mom! All for you!”

Lewis knows this would not be the last time JJ creates a mess but she loves him anyway.

Source: The Dodo

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I have a cat named Maggie that loves to tear up corrugated boxes. She enjoys doing it so much I don’t mind cleaning up the mess. JJ looks like such a sweet fur baby. Sometimes you just have to let them have some fun doing the crazy things they like to do.

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